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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Me-Knee Update v2.0

I went for a mid-distance training swim last night. Swam a total of 1500 meters by doing 200m warm-up, 1200m pull buoy with hands only, and a remaining 100m cool-down segment. In brief, I hardly did any flutter-kicks so pressure on the knee was minimal. However I did manage to complete the course within my target time of 35 minutes.

I also did about 15 minutes worth of calisthenics, concentrating on the abs and lower back. I really need to focus on my personal G.A.W.K to achieve what I’ve always wanted to achieve since college days (read: since I got that beer belly, thanks to all the free beer Dave Ong and I got in exchange for buying the kegs for Kurt and the neighbors across from our apartment!). FYI, I’ve been religiously working on the G.A.W.K program for 2 weeks already. In fact, I’m also ensuring that my torso and core area is used when I swim with the pull buoy. I did notice a significant improvement in stroke-count, glide and overall tiredness when I employed my core area by using the torso to propel myself instead of using arms and legs. My program may be working after all! If only the abs appear! Why are they so shy? (here’s yet another mystery in a chubby guy’s life)

Left knee still hurts this morning from bending it inwards. I’m not sure if the anti-inflammatory pills are working.

I’m still wearing the knee wrap today.

I’ve emailed Dr Low on some questions regarding my injury. Should I – and can I – use Voltaren or any analgesic cream together with the anti-inflammatory pills? What physio exercises can I do to assist in recovery and repair of the knee joints? I’m waiting for his reply.
I may go for the moderate spin class in the evening instead of the rock-climbing session with Ser Ling and Ros. I figured that spinning is more natural in movement compared to the potential split-second knee-jerking reactions while climbing.

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