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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's with the MC?

I'm sick today. In fact, I've been feeling under the weather since yesterday (Monday). I think there's the flu bug going around the office. Anyway it's been the congested-head-aching-joints kind of feeling.

I decided to see the company doctor yesterday after lunch.

I just don't understand the concept (and hassle) of getting a medical certificate if one is feeling under the weather. I know what I have to do - REST. I need the rest after a whole week of training. My body is telling me to REST. REST means staying at home and recovering so that I am not susceptible to other people's germs. Hence I don't know what or how labour laws in Singapore are drawn up insisting that a 'sick' person has to make his/her way to the doctor's, stand in line for his/her turn at the clinic, and only to see the 'doctor' for 2-3 minutes, get the nod for a medical certificate, and then f*** off home to REST.

It doesn't make sense.

Are doctors just there to endorse a silly little slip of paper 'certifying' that one is unfit to sit in the office the whole day, while seemingly deemed 'fit' to make his/her way to the clinic, stand in line, and see the 'doctor' for 2-3 minutes?

Time is precious for REST. I want to REST. Time taken for the process of getting a slip of paper takes longer than if I have to just steal 40 winks in the office toilet cubicle for that much needed REST.

What makes it worse is this:
1. It's damn easy for doctors to make such money out of patients who genuinely need the REST and that slip of paper certifying it.
2. Sometimes doctors give you THAT kind of silly look 'you come here to get MC right?' I mean, come on, doc. I wish I could just go home and REST! I don't need a bloody Phd to tell me that I need that REST, coz it's my body that needs REST, not yours. I only need that stupid signature of yours on that stupid piece of paper because of the stupid labour law that requires me to take so much of my stupid time to make that stupid trip to see you, stupid!

This is what happened yesterday at the company doctor. Stupid doctor gave me half day mc for the sake of it. Dammit, time's up by the time I got home! What rest? I could have just rested in the toilet cubicle. And the diagnosis took a mere 3 minutes. It was even faster than speed dating. Shit...

Some doctors are quacks.

Nonetheless I had to seek more professional judgement on whether I needed that rest this morning. Another day of mc for that trouble. Fortunately I knew of better doctors around.

1 comment:

evelyn said...

hmm... you hinting that it was my flu bug??!!! hehe

no choice lah. some docs are just really f***ed up one. it's either they give you the mc unwillingly, if not they charge it at a high rate.

cannot sleep in the toilet la. vin will definately not let you rest. haha.