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Friday, May 19, 2006

SPUI illustration

This was the previous configuration. It's called a 'diamond' interchange. Note the right-turn lanes coming off from the PIE exit. Vehicles had to go through 2 traffic lights. Congestion magnifies if traffic is not cleared in time along Eunos and Ubi.
The above is called a Single Point Urban Interchange, or simply a SPUI. The configuration is 'squeezed' together (perfect for land-scarce Singapore!) and the traffic junction is effectively made into one operational signal. Notice the concurrent right-turns are also possible with the SPUI design! The SPUI increases storage capacity, yet it decreases delay because there's only one set of traffic lights to maneuver!
Well, screw the person who snitched my idea!

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evelyn said...

wah.... do you really have nothing to blog that you have to blog about your work?

workaholic or what??!!!


blog other things lah. your entries never fail to make me laugh...

sheesh.. time really pass fast. in another 4 wks i'll be out of the company.

gonna miss the bananas in PJs the most (ie vin,B2 & you,B1) gonna miss all the fun and the site visits man...