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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Big Three-One: Akan Datang

It's coming right up.

And I want to complete my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in Bintan this Saturday.

I've been training and I know I can complete it. But my body says 'relac bro! see thursday how you feel first.'

On MC today to rest. I hope I can recuperate and recover by then. It's rather depressing and indeed disappointing if I cannot do the race but I have to be wise.

Then we can all celebrate this coming-of-age together....... another feather in my cap!


evelyn said...

hey, no worries! am sure you're able to complete it even thou vin always curse you. haha...

it'll definately be an unforgettable b'day for you.. oh yea, rmb to take pix if you have the time. nice nice ones.. =)

Free Agent said...

Hey bro!

Long time no hear...yeah my big three-one is coming up too...this month.

Hope you have a good one!