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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The very 'Pantang' View on Progress

"Progress" has been loosely used in the recent general elections. One wonders what exactly is 'progress'?

The polling stations closed at 8pm last night. The night skies were somewhat red with subdued lightning and thunder followed almost a few seconds later. Even before the electoral results were out, it seemed to me that the PAP (synonymous with the lightning symbol) would not get the obvious oomph mandate that PM Lee was hoping to get. Then the even more subdued thunder pretty much signified that the Worker's Party (The Hammer) would just be a tiny voice in parliament, albeit a necessary one because we all know that lightning and thunder always occur together.

The PAP is returned into power with 66.6% of valid votes. "666" in hokkien is really good in terms of 'progress' - since it sounds like 'luck luck luck'. But '666' does not bode well in biblical terms. '666' is referred to as the number of the devil.

We've also seen the ubiquitous 68% victory margin by the PAP in several single ward constituencies and GRCs. '68' in chinese sounds like 'look fatt', which literally means 'prosperity in the road ahead'.

Aljunied GRC was a close fight between the PAP and WP, and the results show a trend away from PAP rule. It's a numbers game in the end. Potong Pasir and Hougang are the most uncorrupt residents on the island, unfazed by the 80 and 100 million dollar upgrading carrot.

It all means that the PAP has probably got to veer out of the 'complacency' mode and get more down to earth with the people, just because the Worker's Party is getting the formula right after all.

By the way, we will get our Progress Packages along the way, because PM Lee says so!

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