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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Paradigm Shift in Democracy

So here are the statistics:

There will be 1.22 million Singaporeans who are eligible to vote. This constitutes approximately 56.65% of eligible Singaporean voters. Well, I think that's pretty impressive by Singapore-style 'election' standards.

I can't vote because my GRC is a walk-over this time around (again!).

I want to exercise my rights.

But wait! Democracy is actually alive in this tiny nation of 4-point-something million people (and growing) - I actually CAN vote! And I can vote as a Singaporean regardless of race, language, religion, salary, and type of housing!

All I need is a telephone and a TV and I can VOTE for my favourite Singapore Idol, Superband, Superstar, or what-have-you.

At least I can pathetically exercise my rights. It's not so bad afterall.


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