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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Deja vu! This happened more than 20 years ago in Maris Stella!

I picked up a copy to this morning's edition of Today and I laughed to myself when I came across this article entitled "Stabbed with a fork". The subheader read "Canteen scuffle turns nasty as schoolboy jabs a fork into his classmate's head".

I laughed because a similar incident happened when I was in primary school!

I was standing in line, together with perhaps 1/8th of the recess population, at the laksa noodle stall. Ahead of me was this fat boy and his skinny friend behind him. I wasn't sure what exactly prompted the whole incident, but I recall hearing the skinny boy endlessly taunting his friend and calling him "Fatty Fatty Bom Bom". If I recall correctly, I think there was a popular song during that era, hence the reference to all oversized people.

Well, Fatty reached his limit, couldn't take the taunting anymore, and he turned around with flimsy metal fork in hand and stabbed Scrawny on his forehead. The fork was clearly embedded on Scrawny's head because it stood right there like an arrow on a hit cowboy when Fatty released his hand.

Shocked, Fatty began to cry while a teacher came to the rescue and pried the offending weapon off the equally shocked but suddenly silent Scrawny.

The rest of us stood there in amazement. Some of the boys were laughing their heads off (no pun intended).

Scrawny was left with a visible '4-dots' on his forehead for a few days while it healed. He was aptly named 'Shaolin He Shang' after that incident. We didn't know what disciplinary measures were meted out on Fatty.

So... whatever happened in St Pat's in 2006 is nothing new. The Marists were there first. Waaay back.... ;)

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NoNameApplicable said...

juz when i always have the impression that st pats n marists are supposedly better behaved than neighbourhood sch boys, often i hear shocking stuffs they do lolx..