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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Singaporean Things That Just Don't Make Sense - Part Five of Infinity

I remember back in secondary school, Lau Pa Sat (Old Market) on Boon Tat Street was undergoing some renovations. That was 16-17 years ago when the "iconic" Lau Pa Sat was being transformed into what it is (not) today.

Sidenote: Structure of Lau Pa Sat is made up of the same cast iron frame that was the Crystal Palace during one of the World Fairs in London back in the 1800's. Ironically, the crystal palace burnt down and the cast iron frame was brought to Singapore for the construction of the 'original' Lau Pa Sat. Just about a week back, there was a small fire.

Anyway during the renovation stage, the Telok Ayer Basin had an interim market. And beyond those shores, I recalled seeing tongkangs and barges and reclamation on the Basin.

Land reclamation through these years made the place into Marina Bay. I have known this term since its inception. My understanding is that the Telok Ayer Basin became the Marina Bay abuot 15 years ago.

Recently, our cash-rich gahmen spent $400,000 on a branding exercise to rename Marina Bay. $400,000 later, I just read that our gahmen decided to keep the Marina Bay 'branding'.

FOUR HUNDRED FRIGGIN' THOUSAND SINGAPORE DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS ONLY! (I don't even have space to write this long long phrase on a chequebook)

It makes me wonder... especially when there are recent TV blurps for the President's Challenge.

"Did you know that $5.00 can help support the operation of the ABC Home, etc..." or something to that effect. I'm sure $400,000 can go a bloody long way!

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