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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Seeking Job: Renaming Expert to Name your Child, Property, Car, and even your Luohan Fish!

I was thinking if I should advertise myself as a "Renaming Expert" in light of our government's call to be creative, unique and entrepreneurial.

Chelonia Munnster, R.E.

Not bad eh?

I can offer parents some hints on naming their children. Here are a few examples:

Chew Ying Kum
Kan Nah Sai
Ho Seng Lee
Boey Pai Say

Of course some of them want 'unique' english-sounding names like Beckham and Owen.

As an example, I've also thought of what NOT to name my children. I'm not naming them Tom, Dick or Harry. Seriously! Tom Tham (Tom Thumb)? Dick Tham (Dictum)? Harry Tham (Hairy Thumb)?

And since I'm at it, anyone can approach me to name their dogs, cats, cars, plants, tables, chairs, and even their big-ass bays too.

I'll charge reasonable peanut prices and I guarentee nice-sounding names that will tug everyone's heartstrings, pursestrings and G-strings.

Watch out for Chelonia Munnster, R.E. as the New Entrepreneur of the Year!

1 comment:

Whelan said...

yah maybe for a guy with a surname Gan, you could give the name Nina to the daughter.. Gan Nina