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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Branding Exercise Whodunnit

It just intrigues me when I think about the process of this name branding exercise for Marina Bay. $400,000 for this exercise and I bet someone's a really happy person to name Marina Bay Marina Bay.

The place that was formerly known as Marina Bay just about 1 millisecond ago is now called... Marina Bay.

I can only think of 3 possible people who might have been given the $400,000 job:

1. The Fengshui Master:
'Bay' sounds like Horse in Hokkien. Horses are good omens in fengshui. Horses usher in luck. Horses are also used in betting. The casino there will have a lot of betting involved. Very auspicious.

2. The ah beng at a local 'branding' company:
One fine day, ah lian asked ah beng if he was serious about marriage. His reply was,"Marry? Nah beh!" And the name kinda stuck.

3. The usual suspect civil servant:
He was given the task of taking care of this branding exercise. Tons and tons of suggestions were given for him to look through. Of course, this meant well for him because then there would be a pile of papers on his desk, which would make him look hardworking. Then again, in a civic society largely driven by last minute work and countless layers of approval stages, he took it upon himself and did the ultimate. He thought out-of-the-box and a sudden gush of creative streak made him tikam tikam one of the papers sitting in front of him. The piece of paper turned out to be the initial RFP and was not one of the suggestions given. Being pantang, he stuck with the name of Marina Bay.

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