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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Justifying the cost of branding - my way

For what it's worth, Marina Bay made news in South Africa too....

So sweet of Minister Mah... spending so much only to find out that a piece of undeveloped reclaimed land is tugging at our heartstrings... oh I hold so dearly onto dreams of exploration, excitement and experimentation on this barren soil!

Whatever happened to tugging at our pursestrings and that gahmen initiative called "Cut Waste Committee"?

Why not spend another $400,000 of taxpayers' money on having a namechange for that committee?

1 comment:

Cajun said...

aiyoz.. stop bitchin abt dat $400,000 lar.. wad ish $400,000..? its not even peanuts.. peanuts r worth more.. peanuts r $600,000.. sho do all of us a favour.. esp wise (n not to mention super-duper-ultra-rich-can-buy-peanuts-@-$600,000) mrs goh.. gif it a rest.. aft all.. its less den a peanut.. worse cum 2 worse go look 4 candice lar.. her family runs a peanut factory.. =)