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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Self-Realisation: I'm a True-blue Singaporean!

The truth hurts. It suddenly dawned upon me that I'm a true-blue Singaporean! And it's not because I'm a holder of the all-too-powerful red passport.

It's because I complain about everything from ERP, COE, the heat, the rain, the gahmen (this one, i complain 'quietly' in my blogs or else i kena rotan), etc.

Don't get me wrong, it's really okay to complain. But the problem is that I'm just a selfish, narrow-minded, and snobbish citizen of Southeast Asia who has failed to see the poverty of our neighbours. I'm actually complaining about the good life! Greed has come to eat me! ARRGGGHHH....

And therefore I'm a true-blue Singaporean - and (somewhat) proud of it. Now let me hide myself in my iconic, world-class corner of my room (which incidentally is bigger than most houses in Indonesia).

Disclaimer: This is not my fault that I'm like this. I can't help it if my uncle has taken care of me all these years.

1 comment:

See Why said...

hey keep ur musings on singapore comin'! damm farnee...haha...

why dun u also post all the singaporean stuff u used to write on email whle we were all still in Purdue...that time u were probably wondering why none of us responded...prolly coz everyone was too a-maize-ingly "smart" they couldn't understand your corni-ness.

hyuk hyuk muahaha. neways cheers to corny true-blue singaporeans! there aren't too many from good ol' indiana...all kena caught by the "indiana-polis" already.