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Friday, July 15, 2005

Island Nation Unveils New National Icon

Compared to our friendly neighbours, our country is undoubtedly the cleanest and greenest.

The Garden City has maintained its pristine image by being touted as such a beautiful and speckless city. Many cities around the world have tried to emulate the true tropical atmosphere that Singapore is so 'unique' about. I really have to give her credit - actually credit to the ah peks and ah sohs and foreign workers - in keeping up with this image.

This reminds me of Bree Van de Kamp from the Desperate Housewives TV series. The first season just ended its run in Singapore. Bree plays the obsessive-compulsive housewife who keeps the house spick and span, and her peers envy her lifestyle and family as the ever-so-perfect ONE. But deep inside all that glazed surface is a repressed woman with a dysfuctional family.

Come to think of it, isn't it so uniquely Singapore to relate an analogy with Bree Van de Kamp?

Beneath that porcelain surface is a woman with a repressed inner-self. A thought to ponder.

Therefore on the impending 40th birthday of the nation, the gahmen will oust the Merlion from it's Fullerton mantel and unveil Bree as the new national icon. In line with making bold changes to corporate names (for fengshui, modernity and plain stupidity) like A*Star (formerly NCB), Spring (formerly SISIR), and i.e. Singapore (formerly TDB), 'SINGAPORE' will therefore be known as 'Breeahpor'.

Yes. We are Bree-ah-por,

We are Bree-ah-por.

We will stand a-lone and hear our inner roar....


nic said...

Happy Birthday S'pore!!!

Free Agent said...

Hey dude!
(guess who?)

I've 'tagged' you for a book meme. No obligations, but feel free to join in and list your reading material...