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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Daily Log

MacRitchie Run - Mee Sua at Sin Ming - Run Home

Indeed there were 2 parts to my running this morning. I arrived at 7:30am at the gates of MacRitchie to meet some friends. Saw Ser Luck and Mok on separate occasions. Both of them were training for the ultramarathon of 168km on 1st and 2nd Oct. My weekly mileage is nothing compared to their daily mileage. At this rate they are going, Ser Luck and Mok will be poster boys for alternative transport modes.

MacRitchie (short) Run:
Total Distance - 4.32 km
Time Taken - 28.02 min
Max HR - 172 (91%)
Avg HR - 163 (86%)
Max Speed/Pace - 10.8 km/hr, 5:33 min/km
Avg Speed/Pace - 9.2 km/hr, 6:29 min/km
Calories - 413 kcal

Running Home after eating Mee Sua and drinking ice-Milo:
Total Distance - 0.98 km
Time Taken - 6:01 min
Max HR - 169 (89%)
Avg HR - 162 (85%)
Max Speed/Pace - 13.5 km/hr, 4:27 min/km
Avg Speed/Pace - 9.8 km/hr, 6:07 min/km
Calories - 87 kcal


see why said...

can't imagine u haven't updated ur blog since last sat!!

Anonymous said...

Oii MUNN, don't run after you eat lah !!! Can get appendicitis one you know !! Unless your one KENA CUT liao !!! Like me !!!

- Papa Smurf Shawn

Lim Chun Piow said...

wah, makan liao then run home? so hiong ah?

Chelonia Munnster said...

contrary to popular belief, most long distance runners and triathletes actually eat while they are racing! I guess after running for a while, one's body system adapts to the efficient energy processing within. I usually consume powergels on the run. Did I mention that I actually ate a $3.00 packet of chicken rice in between my 35km run with only 10 minutes 'rest'? If i do get stitches, I'll listen to my body and slow down.