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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Daily Log

The 2nd-hand smoke in the office was extremely terrible today. I kept applying medicated axe oil near my nostrils to mask the nicotine inhalation. I don't know if by doing that I'm harming myself more or not. Nevertheless, I still prefer the smell of fung yow.

I came home about 5:30pm and my clothes reeked with smoke. Erghhh...

I hope someone from the Health Science Authority is reading this: Please, please tell the french boss not to smoke in the air-conditioned office! Someone from higher government authority should tell the bugger off! If anyone has friends from HSA, please tell them of this lobang okay?

And so I came home and went for a short swim of 500 m, then changed into my shoes for a round-Bishan Park run.

Run Summary:
Total Distance - 5.46 km
Total Time - 35:55 min (includes 2 min walk out to main road)
Max HR - 177 (93%)
Avg HR - 162 (85%)
Max Speed - 16.9 km/hr
Avg Speed - 9.1 km/hr
Calories - 521 kcal

I sense a little bit of improvement. Slow and steady.... slow and steady wins the race!


David Tan said...

Fortunately, my office is a "NO Smoking" zone. Otherwise I will DIE. I can't even stand going into a hotel room on non-smoking floor where you know the previous guest has smoked inside. Wa Lau!! How can u "Tahan" this????

Oh. Now I know u also "kena" comment from all these anonymous post .... I thou I was the only one. I think there is something you can enbale to prevent anonymous from posting in the admin/configuarion page.

lim said...

My boss is a chinese, but he smoke like no tomorrow in the office too. Especially when he is in a meeting/discussion. For times i feel uneasy in my throat and even coughing badly becos of the 2nd hand smoke. I wonder if the smoker knows 2nd-hand-smoke does kill?

mis_nomer said...

Wah.. your max speed very fast..

Chelonia Munnster said...

i'm going into the HSA website to see if i have any rights.

and yes misnomer, I have absolutely no idea how come my max speed reading is so high! I don't remember sprinting except when I was crossing the road.