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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Daily Log: Run-Swim-Run

Now I'm contemplating if I should join the Powerman in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It's gonna be held on 25th September 2005. The long distance portion is 10km Run, 60km Bike, 10km Run. The Sprint version is 5km R, 30km B, 5km R.

Maybe I'll do the Sprint distance if I go.

Anyway, I went for the Trifam training today but didn't join in fully coz I wanted to work on my running. Hence I decided to run 4km, swim 1km, then run another 4km.

Overall, I think I managed pretty well.

Run Summary for 1st Run:
Time start - 18:27 hrs
Total Distance - 4.35 km
Time taken - 33:22 min (walked the final 500m to cool down)
Max HR - 178 (94%)
Avg HR - 155 (82%)
Max Speed/pace - 13.6 km/hr, 4:25 min/km
Avg Speed/pace - 7.8 km/hr, 7:40 min/km
Calories - 452 kcal

Run Summary for 2nd Run (after 1km interval swim):
Time start - 19:54 hrs
Total Distance - 4.05 km
Time taken - 30:50 min
Max HR - 170 (89%)
Avg HR - 162 (85%)
Max Speed/pace - 9.7 km/hr, 6:09 min/km
Avg Speed/pace - 7.9 km/hr, 7:36 min/km
Calories - 445 kcal

By the looks of it, the avg HR and avg speeds are quite constant. This is a comfortable pace I think.


Cajun said...

With regards to the previous post, you left out people like me. People who are not concerned with the price or prize but... I am not exactly athetic... Can I walk?

Chelonia Munnster said...

of course you can walk! I always advocate exercise. Walking is also a form or exercise that's good for your heart. C'mon Jiji, you know better right? You're in NS!