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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Registration for Terry Fox Run

Dear all,

I'm helping to raise funds for the upcoming Terry Fox Run on 18 September 2005. You may either do the 4km or 7.5km run/walk route. All proceeds go to the Cancer Research Fund.

I've taken part in several races and this is one event in which I know for sure that the registeration money ($25) goes to research funding for cancer. In addition, you get free entry into Sentosa (worth $2), a free commemorative T-shirt, a wristband and a certificate of participation.

My friend, Derek, is also running the Terry Fox Run. He suffers the same as Terry Fox and will be running the 7.5km route with a prosthetic leg - some of you might have seen Derek in the recent Terry Fox Run commercial.

Terry Fox himself did a marathon every day (that's a whopping 42 km per day!) until he died at age 22. If someone with a prosthetic leg can do a marathon a day while himself not being an athlete, then I'm sure YOU can do a 7.5km leisure stroll for a good cause.

Heck, if YOU can go googoogahgah over my "almost" daily 4-5km runs, then think Terry Fox. Think cancer research.

Please let me know if you're interested by 16 September 2005 (Friday). I'll assist in signing you up for the good cause.


see why said...

ok, ME! 7.5km. hey btw, i'm supposed to pass u something from chris. how to meet up.

PortugueseNun said...

I would love to take part in it, considering I come from a place very connected to cancer, but it's so pricey and such a long long run! haha, u have fun there!