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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Greetings to all faithful readers of my blog.

I am back. I have returned to blogosphere! No I wasn't being hunted down for sedition (apa ini?). Neither was I keeping a low profile.

I just needed a break from the public eye (haha... like real). I just wanted to chill out from so many things that were bothering me. I wanted to keep things in perspective. I wanted to do a major overhaul (well, not so major lah). I just needed a re-think.

In a nutshell:

Did the Terry Fox Run on 18 Sept. It rained and it rained and the 8km got cancelled. Eventually did a 2.4km (according to my trusty footpod). CY ran with me. The boys ran too (Clayton, Jiji, Vincent, Nick, Yihan, etc..). Bloody Mythos WALKED the 2.4km. Okay lah, give him credit for completing the Desaru Half Ironman only the day before and rushing back to Singapore to support the cause.

Then I did the NIE Biathlon on 25 Sept. 500m pool swim + 5km hilly run around the NTU campus. Finished in 45 minutes. Not too bad considering I had absolutely NO IDEA of the running route. I also met some of my former PTIs who conducted last year's Remedial Training. One of them asked me if I was one of the RT-men from Maju Camp. I sheepishly said yes coz apparently it's quite embarrassing for RT-men to show up for endurance multi-sport races. haha... Well, for the record the PTIs beat me at the biathlon by a mere 3 minutes! Come on lah, they're like 10 years YOUNGER than me ok. I'm so proud of myself.

Then there was the NTU Ultramarathon (168km) Run-Round-Singapore on 1 Oct. I was supposed to do escort running for 6.5km. Gee whiz... I ended up with a personal best of 35km in total! I even got lost in Senoko. You know you're lost when you see the 3 Senoko smokestacks/chimneys and you don't see any other runner in a 2km radius!). Supported Adrian Mok till he couldn't run anymore. That was the beginning of the Changi Coast stretch. But that crazy boy still managed to complete the 168km distance in respectable time and through all that pain! He ran... amok... that's all I can say.

The ultra gave me more confidence and strength to increase my mileage. I'm averaging 40km per week now. I've also learned that I have to be careful about overtraining. Hence I'm constantly listening to my body for signs of over-fatigue (increased heart rates, nagging sores, wierd aches, etc..)

That's it. Been running and running and running. No wonder no time to blog much... heh heh... but the thoughts are all in my head while I run - that keeps me sane (and creative too!)

Okay... will write more soon. Promise.

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