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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mobility of Right Shoulder a Stumbling Block

The mobility of my right shoulder has become a stumbling block. I try to erase all thoughts of nagging discomfort when I'm doing the front crawl but to no avail. My commonsense took over - that I should listen to my body. The swim section was meant to be a 30 minute one but I lasted about 20 minutes instead and then I came up for the transition.

A turtle with a wounded flipper. That's me.

The 6km run around the outer perimeter of Botanic Gardens was next. I knew I would be the slowest runner. After all, running is my worst discipline, but I was determined to keep running and not stop. I managed to keep a constant pace. Somehow I did not press my Polar properly and the timing was screwed. I figured it was a respectable 35 minutes. Glad to say that I did not walk. It was run all the way.

In short, it was approximate 800m swim and 6km run this evening.

After training, went home and mom asked me for some exercise advice. She wants to get rid of some cellulite (read: flabs) and tone up. I suggested walking to train the heart first, then advancing to walking with wrist weights for general toning (or maybe the ellipticals in the gym). Finally doing aqua aerobics for overall fitness and toning. I didn't suggest rigorous exercise coz mom is a total beginner.

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