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Sunday, March 20, 2005

MacRitchie X-Country Revisited

Alright, this morning was meant to be a 10km run with the Trifam folks, but I decided to run with my old pal from CJC, Kevin Tan.

We met at the MacRitchie carpark and he told me he had an ulcer which caused him a sleepless night. Okay, I got the hint... haha... short route today! Hence we chose the all-too-familiar MacRitchie Schools X-Country route. 4.8km to be exact. Well, it wasn't all-too-familiar to the both of us since we weren't running jocks in our schooldays. We relied on our 12-yr-old memory of the route. Of course, markers along the way helped us too.

First half of the run was in forested area. Awesome in the sense that the ground was well padded and gentle to the feet impact, albeit the undulating trails. Second part was along Lornie Road towards Upper Thomson Road. It was the famous paved segment of the route. I decided to do fartlek intervals by using the lamp posts along the way. Actually, I also wanted to work on the speed and justify the remaining 5km we were supposed to cover ths morning.

Overall, it was a good workout. Inevitably bumped into the Trifam chaps at the end of the route. They covered 11km.

Distance: about 4.8km
Time: 26 minutes
Avg HR: 155 (including 2 minute recovery)
Max HR: 178
Hours slept last night: 6 hrs - not too good
Hydration: okay.
Pre-run nutrition: one glass of Milo

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