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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mobilisation Mars Training Routine

A phonecall came at 1300hrs. Thin Rope and Metal Dagger were activated for mobilisation. I was the designated Area I/C, hence had to report back to camp within 2 hours. The actual M-hour is at 1400hrs. That means I had till 1600hrs to make it back to Tanjong Gul.

I packed my fullpack, SBO and helmet, cussed abit because I planned to do some endurance swimming in the afternoon. I told myself that all was cool since I could join the Trifam chaps at East Coast for the open sea training tomorrow morning then go for the 'almost' 10km run after. Only issue was that I had better make it back to church by 1100hrs.

And so off I went towards Tuas and I reported back at 1530hrs together with Adrian "Hamster" Tan. We were the first few. The rest of the brigade streamed in from 1600hrs onwards. I thought I could sign and leave just like the rest. I was wrong. My ID was kept by RSM since I had to do my Area I/C duties. Bummer.

OC Capt Lim and 2IC Capt Lau joined me in waiting for the blokes to report back to camp. Cpl Kelvin Koh also helped out even though he had no duties. This is what I call 'integrity'. It is not so much on whether anyone could stay and help out, but it was more for the fact that the majority had the responsibility to respond early in the mobilisation exercise. There were some inconsiderated blokes who reported at the very last minute for all kinds of reasons. Anyway, I was lucky NOT to be in the taxicab-notification-sticker squad and I left early. The taxicab-notification-sticker squad consists of Area I/Cs who had to go to uncontactable servicemens' homes to either get the men to report or if to no avail, leave a notification sticker at the door of the home. I think the guys came back much later. I was able to leave by almost 2200hrs. I wouldn't say it was a waste of time. It was rather daunting and an unproductive afternoon and evening.

By then I knew I was too late to attend the Navy Biathlon simulation training.

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