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Friday, February 29, 2008

"This Should Never Have Happened"....

...... and DPM Wong goes on to say sorry for the security lapse that led to the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari, the JI leader.

This must be one of the 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' moments. After all, the escape has sparked off a massive manhunt for the fugitive. Even the Interpol has roped in efforts, together with the goverments of Malaysia and Indonesia.

With it are also pressing issues that even I cannot really fathom:
  1. This guy is a JI leader who once plotted to crash a jet plane into Changi Airport. With such evil terrorist intentions, then why is he just kept in a 'detention centre'? Seems like a minimum security place to house such terrorist, right?
  2. Why is the focus - for a couple days running - seemingly at the Goldhill area (immediately next to the detention centre)? Dude, if I was an escapee in Singapore with her world class transport system, I'd have the luxury and ease of hopping into a cab and fleeing far far away. After all, news of the escape was only made public a few hours later. Therefore plenty of time to escape.
  3. Likewise if I were a terrorist leader capable of plotting massive harm, would I be running around on unbeaten paths in a small forested area in Singapore?
  4. Again, if I was running away, would I run into an all girls' school (SCGS)? Heck, the mere sight of a man (whether limping, beard, clean-shaven, Muslim, or what-not) would have triggered some suspicion, right? Or can male strangers just walk in freely into all girls' schools? Another 'security lapse'?

But honestly, despite such pressing questions, I actually have some faith in our homeland security matters. Perhaps it's - as usual - the way the media plays things up. They portray schools as possible hiding places and such. I don't know, but it makes the whole operation look so silly and carelessly put together.

I just don't believe that a security lapse occured. Even if it truly occured, I would think that our homeland security planners would have looked more professional. It's an uneasy feeling... it just seems kinda 'relaxed' on the homefront, yet the Interpol and our neighbours are on high alert.

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