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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Teaching is Indeed Rewarding

I received a telephone call some 2 weeks ago from a former student of mine. I was doing relief teaching at CJC for almost 7 months in 2002. He seeked some advice on overseas universities, and apparently he clinched several offers from colleges in the UK. Only thing was that (at the time of phonecall), he hadn't heard from the university of his choice (a highly-reputable one) and so he was kinda concerned if some further steps needed to be taken or not (appeal, transfer, etc.). The former student of mine was the least known to be academically-interested in his studies. I knew him as a playful chap with a streak of leadership abilities in him. He was in the SC but his focus on studies was below par amongst his peers. Then again, boys will be boys. Been there, done that myself. Who was I to nag? I could only encourage him to do his best, and let him be responsible for his own actions. We fall once; we fall twice. Sometimes we keep falling, but we always get up and move on. Failure is the route to Success.

And so the phonecall took me by surprise. Here was the very same student who has dreams and aspirations. Aiming high and getting there. I'm very proud of him. Keep up the good work, ZJ!

In that short 5-minute conversation, I sensed a tinge of fulfillment. It was a feeling that perhaps only some teachers would understand - a sense of reward, a certain sense of security to know that your former wards are doing fine.

Last night I met up with Mrs Low my former Vice Principal in CJ. She has aged quite abit (oh come on, it's been 15 years!). Together with Anston and Angtau, we had dinner in Marine Parade. It was great meeting up with Mrs Low, and I'm sure she's very happy to know that we are all successful people in our own right.

This morning (13 Feb 2008), she sent me a picture we took together w-a-y back in 1993.

Yep, the 'anorexic' figure is me. Times were bad then (just joking).

I've been in different career paths, and I can vouch that the sense of fulfilment in different jobs are very different. Teaching is truly a rewarding career if one has the passion to nurture and guide - just like Mrs Low had a very positive effect on us.

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