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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Singapore Biathlon 2008 - Same Course, Better Timing

My 'virgin' Olympic distance biathlon at the 2005 Singapore Biathlon took me 2 hours to complete. I missed the 2006 edition, and got back into the Singapore Biathlon circuit in 2007 with an improvement, finishing strong at 1hr 53min.

Yesterday's timing was even better, coming in at 1hr 47min.

I came in at last year's NIE Biathlon in 1hr 40min, but the route was slightly different from the usual Singapore Biathlon route. While I set a PB in the NIE Biathlon, I reckon the improvements made at the Singapore Biathlon would be a slightly better gauge.

All things equal for the Singapore Biathlon races, my timings have improved. I'm contented despite the lack of training put into the race and the marked increase in the number of newbies in the multisport scene. It was a fact that the currents were strong on the return leg, and that there were plenty of breaststrokers and lots of open sea punching and pulling. I admit to 'defending' myself as well.

The run was shiok. It rained and it was a welcome respite. I was enjoying the run with ease, although I could have gone a tad faster (and forego a shiok shiok run in the park?- no way!)

exiting the open sea ahead of some white cappers who started (15 minutes) a wave before mine.

at the start of the run, looking relaxed

at the end of the race, still looking bloody relaxed! Damn could do another OD!

one more finisher's medal to my collection!

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Anonymous said...

Err..u need to lose more weight to go faster..