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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Rajah in Sharjah

Am now in Sharjah, UAE. Arrived in Dubai at 3:15am this morning (again one of those red-eye flights). Got to the hotel by 5am thanks to a long queue at the immigration line, a delay in the baggage claims, and a missing hotel pick-up driver (where were you, Mr Abdullah?).

Took a nap and was up at 8am local time.

Thought would have a 'free' day today, but latest news is a meeting with the clients at 2pm. Dang it.. it's now almost 1pm already. Grrrr..... still haven't explored Dubai or seen any of the famed souks here. Only shopping so far is at the Duty Free in the airport.

Anywhere I finally had some time (albeit just a little) and composure to take some pictures.

The Sony Ericsson k800 has a panoramic stitching feature... and that's the view of the Corniche from my hotel room.

That was my lunch... called from the room service facility. It's lamb briyani and cream of mushroom soup. It's really alot.. and I'm stuffed after halfway through. Me?!!?! Stuffed?!?

Okay now I'm gonna get ready for work... ...

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