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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Eagles Have Landed, but...... (Spoiler Alert: Natural Science lesson ahead)

Today's Channel News Asia reported that two White-bellied Sea Eagles made an unexpected and unusual visit to a local home in Singapore. They were apparently injured after an aerial battle coz both raptors were totally slumped after landing at the Jalan Kayu home. One of them stood up after an hour, while the other remained motionless. In any case, the homeowner - a Mr Lau - tried in vain to get help from 'some authorities', and only got a response some six hours later.

Perhaps it was a case of pushing the responsibility by the 'relevant' authorities (it's so Singaporean civil service...) . Either that, or Mr Lau probably didn't know who to contact but the Police (again, a likelihood coz singaporeans just don't have the commonsense).

Anyway, the article goes on to advise readers on the 'relevant' authority to seek help from. (The article is actually quite useless coz it mentions the NEA, Jurong Bird Park, AVA, and the Police for specific types of 'unwanted' guests in various situations. Alright, so it's not everyday that birds-of-prey land at your doorstep. I wonder how the officers of the 'relevant' authorities would handle it.

What? Pull up this article and say "Look! Look! A white stork landed on my doorstep with a baby girl in a sarong! I should call the Police! No.. but it's not harming me, so I should contact the AVA (but which department ah?)! Wait! What if the big white bird is gonna eat the baby? How?"

Actually, what disturbs me is the statement cited from the AVA spokesperson, and I quote from the article:

"It cited bats and iguanas as among the animals that have made their way into homes."

Iguanas? Does the AVA spokesperson know what iguanas are? Can you even find iguanas in Singapore besides the Zoo and Night Safari?

What the spokesperson probably meant was Monitor Lizards, which are more common in the Singapore landscape. It's quite pathetic that the public is misled to think that monitor lizards are the same as iguanas. It's like calling an elephant a horse.

I think the spokesperson should be fed to the Tigers and (mer)Lions.


Anonymous said...

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Rambling Alcoholic said...


As my friend in the Police told me, they are not the Police "Force" anymore.

They are the Police "Service", because people call them for everything. Neighbour stack newspaper outside the house too high, call Police. Neighbour play music too loud, call Police...

No more "Force". They have become the butlers of the people. =)