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Sunday, December 23, 2007

SWET needs more than bra supports

Indeed, the Singapore Women's Everest Team (SWET) needs more support for them to achieve their dreams of becoming the first female team from Singapore to conquer the world's highest mountain.

Some say these bunch of lasses are crazy, especially when you see their profiles on the official website. I bet many people will remark that they just look too demure and frail to even attempt climbing Bukit Timah Hill. Look further my friend, these very lasses have scaled mountains that'll make you think twice about them.

A friend sent an email to me, informing that SWET were raising funds for their top-of-the-world mission. They've got calendars (with awesome black & white photography) and T-shirts for sale. Donors may also adopt-a-meter through ebay.

I'm gonna get a calendar and a T-shirt, and I'm gonna rile up the crowd in the triathlon community to help these lasses.

Just like we train ourselves for races and aim to achieve our dreams in each distance we attempt, these girls are also living their dreams. They are working very hard towards it, and we should share their joy of achievements when they make it to the top. I know conquering Mount Everest is something many have done since Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing. But these girls - human beings with great spirit in them - are also working professionals, just like many triathletes. They are going the distance (and altitude!). Our hearts and support should go out to them as fellow sporting Singaporeans and as fellow human beings with the spirit to aim high.

They are also our inspiration. So what's stopping you from supporting?
(You may either go to their website to see how you may help, or send me an email by Christmas Eve - that's tomorrow - to tell me if you'd like a T-shirt and/or a calendar)

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