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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's a Festive Season of Bad Spelling

It's the season of Christmas where the world typically honours the birth of Jesus Christ.

But it's meant to be - remembering Jesus Christ. Remembering a fulfillment from God to us.

Alas, there's gifting, santa claus, snow, winter atmospheres, etc. It's so 'westernised'. No wonder there's a missing link somewhere.

And everywhere we all see the misuse of the word 'Christmas'. Commercialisation has negated the true meaning of Christmas. Sigh... shopping centers, advertisements, the newspapers, and even some churches have begun to misspell 'Christmas' as 'Xmas'.

It's a cardinal sin. How can 'Christ' be replaced by 'X'? What's Christ to you? And what's X?

In mathematics, X is an unknown;

In pirate-talk, X marks the spot;

In the categorisation of media, X means content that is unsuitable for the young.

Some say that 'Xmas' is just a simple way of writing 'Christmas'. Is that why some Christmas cards are so impersonal? (Dear Cyclingturtle, Merry Xmas! From so-and-so) Isn't that so sweet and warm to receive such cards in the mail? Save the card stock and stamps lah!

It's so difficult to spell 'Christmas'? C'mon, for all it takes, perhaps this might just be the saving grace to actually remembering what Christmas is all about!

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!

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