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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Politicians Should Endorse Hindu Priests

Amidst the UN Global Warming conference of sorts held in Bali, Indonesia, some hindu priests are urging a day of complete silence in a bid to fight global warming. Apparently, it stems from an ancient Balinese tradition that requires the entire resort to totally 'switch off' everything and all activities for a day, just so that ghosts and spirits will perceive that Bali is 'uninhabitated' and souls of the living will not be stolen. It also requires that all islanders keep silent - not even uttering a word - to ensure that spirits are convinced.

The article can be read here.

Since many of the world's leaders and politicians are in Bali for the talks, perhaps they should follow suit and endorse the hindu priests.

After all, from a very practical point of view, politicians are so full of hot air anyway. Their silence will certainly fight global 'warming'!

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