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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Commercials Should Undergo Climate Change Also

Did anyone catch more cheesy low budget commercials from Carlsberg?

I'm not referring to the cliffhanger-with-the-table-soccer-parachute one. That one is not too bad.

I'm referring to the one with local celebs Michelle Chia and Tay Ping Hui bobbing to some club music and going "Yeah.... Yeah" (or something to that effect). Gosh they even had 2 extras bobbing (not dancing) behind them! Terrible! Talk about creativity? Whoever came up with the idea ought to be shot in his/her legs with paintball pellets (then they'll know what 'bobbing around' means!).

Carlsberg should stop wasting money on such low budget commercials. It not only cheapens the beer brand, but it's.... well... literally tasteless in every aspect!

(and I also think that Michelle Chia and Ping Hui should stop endorsing the brand as well. It's just suicide to their own image)

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