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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What are the odds?

'Twas last Saturday late afternoon and we went to China Square to look for antique shops that may have scout stamps.

First shop we went to was this prominent one called Viewpoint. We walked in and immediately we saw alot of Scouting memorabilia. It was rather coincidental considering we had no prior knowledge of a place in Singapore which was somewhat a mini-museum of Scouting barang barang. And yes, the shop had scouting stamps as well! I got the 1967 Burundi silver and gold foil diamond-shaped stamps and the 1963 Nigeria triangular stamps (will post pictures and comments later).

Then shopkeeper Michael and us were chatting about our scouting days. Dad told him that our whole family were scouts - He was a Sea Scout, Mom was Scout Mistress at Jalan Daud Primary School, Fye was a Cadet Scout, and I served from Cadet to Venture Scout. Even JQ was related coz she was a Guide. So while Dad and Michael were chatting, I was looking around the shop and I came across a group picture of Scouts from the Katong District in the early 70's. They were outside the Ee Peng Liang Building.

Then something interest me.

"'Hey Dad, come over here and take a look at this. Check this out." as I pointed to the 8R framed photo.

Dad's eyes immediately lit up and he exclaimed, "That's my WIFE!"

Yep, that's my Mom standing by the pillar when she was twenty.

Long hair with dark-rimmed glasses.

So.... what are the odds you'll find your mom's picture in an antique shop?

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