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Friday, June 08, 2007

It's Official: I just Broke Up With Lee Lee Today

The relationship began sometime in 2002 when a friend introduced me to Lee Lee. On hindsight, I was so stupid then. I didn't know what I was getting into; neither did I try to find out. I just went with the flow. After all, KS was a 'friend' whom I initially trusted. His recommendation seemed convincing. Everything went well until March 2006 when all the nonsense began. It has been tumultous ever since.

Fraud. Got cheated. Police case. Lost some money. Definitely lost a friend in KS.

The process of getting myself adequately covered took a long time. I especially understood the seriousness of the matter after my bicycle accident. Through the process, I 'talked' to Lee Lee several times. Funny how she always prompted me to repeat after her. Yet she was ever-so patient with me. I don't blame her for all the trouble caused. It was all KS's fault.

I finally took the courage to break it off with her this morning. She was calm about it. Perhaps she saw it coming. It was a mutual break-up.

I'm sure Lee Lee will continue to be ever-so patient with all her clients. I've got my full confidence in that. After all, she's the automatic voice attendent from Great Eastern Life customer service.

You want her number? It's 1800 248 2888.

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