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Monday, June 11, 2007

Appeal to Guiness Book of World Records for World's Fastest Doctor

Knock knock
doc: "come in"
cm: "hi"
doc: "good morning, what's wrong with you?"
cm: "I've got a back sprain."
doc: "okay. can you touch your toes?"
cm: "didn't try, but..."
doc (interrupts): "ok, lie down face up."
cm (takes off shoes and lies down)
doc: "try to lift your right leg"
cm (lifts right leg up)
doc: "ok, you may get up. you need an mc for today?"
cm: "well...."
doc: "you go home and rest lah. I give you some pain killers. okay, see you."

How long did you take to read the above dialogue?
If you considered the actions and took a total of 2 minutes to read this, then that's what it took for the company doctor to give me an mc for the day.

Note: it took him 2 minutes to give me a medical cert so I can have a day off.

Is that what doctors are good for nowadays - just 'professionals' who produce a piece of paper authorizing an official sick day?

There was no mention of medical concerns such as:
1. How to take care of your back;
2. What are the possible causes (is your mattress too soft? Is your pillow too hard?);
3. mentioning of back-strengthening exercises

This is the second time I'm writing about this doctor. Don't laugh at me for being so foolish as to go back to this doctor time and again.

The system's gotta blame too. The system requires me to get a stupid MC!

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