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Friday, June 29, 2007

Raise to Race: The Frog Race

Come August 11, I'll take part in The Frog Race - a Run-Bike-Run format - with a cause. The first ITU standard Aquathlon event in Singapore is a charity sports fund raiser to reach out to at-risk youths and children from disadvantaged families.
Most of us in the triathlon scene have bikes that are worth perhaps a few months' salaries (disclaimer: mine is very cheap cheap compared to the rest hor.... but nevertheless, it's still expensive). Tri gear isn't cheap either. Triathlon and multisports is undoubtedly an expensive hobby. Sometimes it's worth giving back to society.
I try to encourage those around me to take up the sport, or at least join a relay team, or do the mini distance. I'm not even close to elite level; I usually end up last 30% to finish any race. I would also like to raise funds so that I may attempt the Frog Race. I would like to raise at least a total of $100 to support the children and youths of the Student Advisory Centre.
I hope my faithful readers (not many of you... haha)... will help me achieve this goal for the kids.
The distance of the race is 5km run, followed by a 1.5km swim in open sea, then another 5km run. It's actually an aquathlon in the ITU definition. It'll be great if you could give me a call or leave a comment if you wanna contribute.
Thanks alot in advance... and yeah, I'll be training for it as well. There's no bike element in this race, so it falls nicely into my endurance multisports schedule for now. Join me?

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