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Thursday, July 27, 2006

thank you all!, from the bottom of the one-arm munndit's heart

dear all,

it's been a long journey getting my arm fixed and it's gonna be a long road to recovery. despite the hassle and pain, i am determined to get this over and done with. it's no joke trying to accomplish even the most mundane of chores - stretching a rubberband, showering, holding a fork, etc. yes, i can type but it's not easy to do punctuation too.

anyway, it's also very tiring to type long letters coz i have to prop my left arm at 90 degrees so there's no swelling.

my scars are ugly. i am frankenmunn. but they serve as a reminder for many things.

thanks to all who have sent their wishes and goodwill.

thanks to everyone who helped me and my barang home safely. it's great to come home for treatment. that's why i kept smiling.

thanks to all who came over for a visit. your presence brightened up my day.

i would like to reassure all that the ironmunn experience is not one to be taken lightly. i broke the mid section of the ulna and radial bones, and shattered my wristbones. there are enough metal pieces in me to set airport security alarms off. on the bright side, you can stick notes and fridge magnets on my left arm. my left arm is heavier than some of your bikes. dig that. i'm home recovering now.

bionicmunn? let's rest first. i intend to 'ctrl', 'alt', 'del' myself. reset myself.

what do i mean?

'ctrl': regain control of my mobility in my left hand.
'alt': alternate forms of exercise - pilates and lots of therapy.
'del': delete the past and look forward. whether i get back to tri, i will leave that to the willingness of my body.

for now, i might see you on the starting line of 10km stanchart. i'll restart my journey from there.



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pearlydew said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about what happened... Hope your arm heals well and that you get up and about soon!