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Sunday, July 30, 2006

my only link to getting me back to singapore

i bought this RoadID several months back because i was sick of carrying my IC around during training and during races. i bought it also as a statement to tell others that it was important to carry a form of ID around, whether swimming, cycling, running, hiking, or even going for a holiday. other than attaching it to my wrist on days of training and racing, the RoadID would be velcroed on my crumpler bag when i go to work or bring it outdoors.

engraved on the RoadID are my name, NRIC, nationality, parents' phone numbers, blood group, drug allergies (NKDA - no known drug allergies), and my mantra - Luke 1:37 (For nothing is impossible with God)

i chose yellow because it replicates the Livestrong band, which is also a motivating symbol that nothing is impossible.

last sunday at port dickson and seremban, the effectiveness of the RoadID came into full use.

my crash during the port dickson tri left me with nothing except my trisuit, polar hrm, one cycling glove, and my RoadID. i didn't even have my eyeglasses or footwear with me. no passport, no mobile phone. nothing else.

and no one could converse in english, except the doctors. and my behasa melayu was limited.

my left arm suffered compound fractures with a puncture wound. i was conscious but losing some blood.

my RoadID was the only form of identification that i kept pointing out to medical staff that i was singaporean. the details on it were exactly the ones i needed them to know. i made sure i didn't lose sight of my vital RoadID even when they took it out to copy the information.

my RoadID also reminded me to keep focused on God and to rely on Him to get me out of the situation safely.

imagine if i was unconscious.

my RoadID just motivated the rest of the gang to get theirs soonest possible. i think the store in US must be processing a bulk order from singapore now. :) Posted by Picasa

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