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Friday, July 28, 2006

mobility 101: accepting the fact; appreciating the mundane

it's the 2nd day since i got home from the hospital.

it's no joke figuring how to do the chores with just one hand and relearning the use of the other. on the one hand, i can do the job, but on the other hand i can't.... yeah, the pun was intended. :)

it's a whole new discovery - the pain, patience, and consequent accomplishments through sweat, blood and tears. literally. every single baby step is accomplishment, and that means progress towards recovery.

i have no idea how long recuperation will take, but i believe - to a certain extent - it's up to the individual's determination, patience, and threshold for pain.

no pain, no gain.

today, i managed to wrap my left arm with clingwrap so i could shower without getting my wounds wet.

i also managed to hang the laundry out to dry, and it took thrice the normal time taken plus lots of perspiration.

i tried to clip my right-hand fingernails with my left hand, but i don't have enough strength to press on the nailclippers. i couldn't even handle simple lever mechanisms. i've decided to reject help from mom to cut my nails. just because i want to cut them myself as i built strength in my left digits. that would be a milestone, however mundane it seems.

i'm still typing with one hand. not too bad.

mom also got me some therapy putty to squeeze. it's like squeezing playdoh and constantly molding it with your hands and fingers. not easy when you're trying to regain strength. sometimes there's pain, and then i'll stop.

slowly but surely. i'll get there.

it's as if i'm only at the starting line-up of an OD triathlon. but there's a finishing line.

i'll get there.


Abba's Beloved Cynyi said...

hey munn i didn't know it was so bad eh until i read your blog...u sounded so cheerful and well on your email. i mean, you still sound cheerful, and thank God for that. will be keeping u in prayer we trust the Lord together for supernatural healing alrite? btw u can still sms will look u up for supper or something soon okiez? =) will bring another with me lar of course if not some "uncle" will misunderstand our status again. heehee.

Abba's Beloved Cynyi said...

wow so many "wills". hehe...