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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Be careful now. You wouldn't want to be caught flying the State Flag for an extra day, would you?

This is another thing about Singapore I just don't understand.

Here's a report stating that rules would be relaxed for flying the national flag.

Until most recently, the national flag could only be displayed at residences in the month of August, which happens to be the month for national day celebrations.

"Some" Singaporeans have expressed that they wish to fly the flag earlier in July. So the Ministry of Information, Communication, and the Arts (MICA) is allowing residents to do so, albeit on a TRIAL BASIS.

What the heck should the basis for this trial be? Why must everything be 'on a trial basis'?

It just goes to show something about some of our decision/policy makers:

1. They are so uniquely Singaporean kiasu,
2. They don't trust Singaporeans that the flag can be flown appropriately in the month of July (or for a slightly extended period),
3. They don't trust themselves in making the policy - they don't think a simple extension of flag-flying would work!

Just let the flag be displayed and be flown without all these barriers and 'trial periods'.

Let Singaporeans be proud of their flag! Let's go back to the meaning of our national flag and celebrate our unity and brotherhood as Singaporeans!

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