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Monday, February 20, 2006

Who says all good things come in pairs?

Not when it involves socks management in the household!
As long as there are at least 2 working male adults in the house, it is absolutely necessary to implement the Central Sock Repository (CSR).
I'm sure there are many people who are in my position (or were before). I live with my parents and Dad is still in the labour workforce. Both of us wear typical 'business' socks to work, complete with the ubiquitous pressed shirt and pants. Like women and their obsession with heels/flats/courtshoes/etc. that are black, men also have this thing for black (or at least predominantly very dark) socks.
The first irritating thing about bad sock management is pairing the socks after they come out of the laundry. So many times, one sock is matched with another sock with subtle differences in patterns or slightly darker/lighter shade of black.
Then it sometimes goes to the wrong drawer.
And then the unmatched socks are matched with other socks of (subtle) different patterns or slightly darker/lighter shade of black!
Remember statistics and probability? Well this is the classic case of having 20 (or more) pairs of black or almost black socks of subtle differences in all possible kinds of combinations ever fathomable in the realm of statistical analysis. The propensity for such combinational flaws will reach a magnitude so high that family feuds have been known to occur.
I just have this strange feeling that the phrase 'to sock someone' (or to 'hit someone forcefully') has its origins from extremely poor sock management.
By the way, don't even bring up the subject that 'the socks will be covered by the pants anyway'. It just doesn't cut it. Socks are the deciding factor if a man is accepted by the Fashion Police. I've learned from Men's Health that a pair of socks should match the pants a man is wearing (grey pants with grey socks; black pants with black socks). But I digress...
I am therefore thinking of implementing the CSR in my own house for the sake of world peace. Let me negotiate with Dad in the next couple of days.

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