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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

G.A.W.K again

I think I can feel a teeny weeny bit of difference at the 'powerhouse' portion of my torso. I may be able to entice my abs to surface afterall. The pilates classes at California Fitness is giving me some results. Not that I can see the abs yet, but I can feel the tightness around the area (everybody altogether now: oooooooooooohhh). All said, the classes are not meant to be once-a-week workouts on the core muscles. Working (and using) core muscles to do your daily chores should be a sub-conscious effort. My inkling is that only then will the abs peak.

I'll try this method. After all, the pilates movements aren't too difficult to replicate anywhere. I think all I have to do is to incorporate a few exercises into my daily stretching routine.

Can it be done?

BTW, I'm taking on WL's 6 month challenge to get a 6-pack. Whoa... looks like come August, I'll probably need to post a picture of my dream 6-pack.

Note: if anyone thinks that I'm trying to be vain in getting a 6-pack washboard ab, then let me just say that it's not an easy process. I think completing an Ironman is much simpler. Some people have the privilege of having those abs, but I'm not one of them. It will be through sheer hard work and loads of determination. Even that in itself is not guaranteed because I may just have to succumb to the fact that my body isn't built that way. We'll see in 6 months time, and then we'll pass a judgement okay?

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evelyn said...

you so hardworking, no worries... you'll sure get what you want to achieve! =)