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Monday, February 27, 2006

Stellar performance by the Saturday Meesua Running Team at the Singapore Duathlon 2006

East Coast Park, Singapore - The season-opener in the local multisports calendar saw an unprecendented turnout at yesterday's Singapore Duathlon 2006. The endurance race consisting of 10km run, 36km bike and another 5km run saw some 800 particpants taking part in the gruelling event. While there were almost 400 participants who did the full distance, some 200 teams of two also took part in the relay category.

Teams came from varied backgrounds and even raced in different kinds of bicycles. Competition was keen and tough amongst the relay teams, with some teams fielding cyclists in skin-tight 'ultraman' gear and spruced-up bicycles. Others, like the 4th Singapore Infantry Regiment (4 SIR) fielded platoons of soldiers -obviously first-timers - in their ubiquitous PT attire and knobby-tired mountain bicycles in this test of lower limb and cardiovascular endurance.

One recreational group in particular registered 3 relay teams for the event. Team Leng-Ling-Leng, The Boys of '74, and Dua Kaki II were the teams fielded by the Saturday Meesua Running Team (SMRT). Formed informally about 2 years ago, the SMRT is predominantly a running group whose members run at MacRitchie Reservoir Park almost every Saturday morning (and public holiday) before adjourning for a well-deserved breakfast of mee sua at a local coffeeshop. Sunday's event was the first multisports event that the SMRT took part in, besides the several marathons that members have taken part through the years.

"This is the first time we're soaking in the atmosphere at a multisports event. It's definitely different from running-only events. I might consider taking part in next year's edition, once I can commit to upgrade or buy a new road bike and one of those skin-tight 'ultraman' outfits. This is quite inspiring!" said John, a spokesperson for the SMRT, when asked about his own plans in relation to SMRT's.

"The guys here are quite cute with the carved-out bodies gleaming in the sand-dusted sun. I cannot wait to take part in the relay category of a triathlon. Can you imagine there'll be more hot bods around?" exclaimed Ser Ling, the cycling half of Team Leng-Ling-Leng, "As a cyclist, I still have some time to check out the boys coming out of the sea after their treacherous swim before I bike away with motivation!"

John gave a wry smile and nodded in agreement.

The Saturday Meesua Running Team also had their cheerleaders coming out in full force in support of their participating members. With cameras and chilled fruits in hand, they cheered on at their suffering team-mates as they looped the circuits of endless sheer torture.

When asked about the strong evidence of team spirit in SMRT, headmistress Wei Leng answered, "We have a great bunch of people in our group. We are all single and we care for each other. There's nothing else to do on a Sunday morning so why not come participate or cheer the rest on? It's amazing how everyone supports each other in the group, even at the wee hours of the morning!" as she referred to late-night 'planning' sessions and 'carbo'-loading parties. "I mean, John came with his skates in the hope of pacing the runners. Chiwei walked all the way from the car park despite his swollen knee. Vivien brought chilled fruits. Ros gave us directions and the use of her parking spaces. Cynyi even brought some badminton racquets. Hazel haggled with the taxi driver so she actually got here in time! Darwin took some photos of us while we suffered. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made this outing so beautiful. It isn't just about running or cycling or racing. It was about the spirit from the our subsidiary Meesua Team Rahrah (MTR) which spurred all of us to make it happen and to push ourselves beyond our limits."

Meanwhile, SMRT is in the midst of negotiations with the mee sua stall for possible sponsorship of dri-fit running vests and mee sua thin colour-coordinated shoe laces for upcoming races. ~ Munnster News

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