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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Singapore's gonna have a Spaceport by 2009!

Refer to this news article from channelnewsasia.

Singapore's got one of the world's busiest seaport and airport, and prides itself with a 'world-class' land transport system. Now it's gonna go further than 35,000 feet and beyond the stratosphere, delving into outer-space.

Imagination to reality: A return trip from Singapore to the moon for S$1.5 million + GST on TigerSpaceways. Options for freeze-dried nasi lemak and teh-si kosong available on board. Sorry, no inflight entertainment.

I want to be the transport planner for this one. Shiok!

But I wonder how the astronaut (singanaut? lioncitynaut? can-or-naut? sure-can-aut?) will land in Singapore...

sure-can-aut (S-C-N): Changi, we have a problem.
mission control (MC): S-C-N, send.
S-C-N: Changi, we are heading home from the moon.
MC: S-C-N, we know. What is the problem?
S-C-N: Changi...... wah lau eh! Which cartoon choose to have spaceport in Singapore? Country so damn small, I cannot see from up here ah! WHERE TO LAND?!?!?!


evelyn said...

haha... this is a good one...

now i know how free you actually are...


Chelonia Munnster said...

evelyn: this is transport/traffic related okay. of course it concerns me! ;)

evelyn said...

wah... lydat also can... you win liao lor...

*takes my hat off you*

so, you're trying to say that blogging actually relates to doing work. then maybe i shld blog more... :)