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Friday, February 10, 2006

Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

It's been two long months. I'm back from a self-imposed hiatus (it's called 'bin lazin around')!

Quick update: I've left my former company and I've been at Maunsell for a month already. It's been good so far. There are 99 other staff here compared to the solo survival course at the previous 'outpost'. Therefore interaction with fellow humanoids is - at long last - very frequent. I also don't have to crack my head wondering where to have my lunch and with whom. I'm usually with my co-workers. The office is at Beach Road so it's also very near the Bugis California Fitness Club. It's got an awesome spinning studio. I know, I know I used to cuss and swear at the persistent (and often brash) sales tactics of California gym staff. Ah, but let me clarify that I am only going to Cali for the spin classes and the occasional pilates class. I still honour my own stance that I shall not have any dealings with their sales personnel (read: con) other than paying my regular monthly subscription.

Returning to Maunsell is a blessing in several ways. I used to be an intern here back in the summer of '97 - right after my freshman year at Purdue. I'm so glad that I was offered to 'contribute to Maunsell's worldwide growth' even before I was told of the news that 'AmVeeAye' would be moving operations to Bangkok. There are also several familiar faces here, which in itself is a consolation that the turn-over rate is not as bad as say... ElTeeAye. And then I remember the Happy Hours of yore, which is still quite a frequent culture here. Awesome!

Training-wise, I've started to put on more saddle time by signing up and attending spinning classes about 2-3 times a week. It's been about 3 weeks and I can already feel the improvement in general endurance. Running has also improved due to the regular Saturday morning sessions with Weileng's group and Monday afterwork runs with my Maunsell coworkers.

I think it's been great so far in terms of training. I started off with improving on my swim, then in Oct 2005 decided to concentrate on my run, and now it's time to put on saddle time. I still have to work on the diet plan though. It's all following my progressive and incremental plan though.

Ironman Busselton by end of the year? Hmmm.... it's not an impossibility!

Next race up... Singapore Duathlon on 26 Feb and Kuala Lumpur Half Marathon on 5 March.

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