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Friday, September 14, 2007

Munn Sells Consultancy Services

Japan's Prime Minister Abe has quit, and so has Bush's top advisor Karl Rove. The time has come for the Munnster to leave MCS as well. In an industry where market forces prevail in the dynamics of career movements, the Munnster's departure did not come as a surprise to many of his close friends. "It's all about economics - supply and demand. Someone else dangles more perks and benefits, you cannot really dismiss that fact about the real world out there." an industry spokesperson said. "The pull factors are very evident, ceteris paribus."

Indeed the lure of international master planning in the transportation field was the main pull in the Munnster's decision to move up in his career development ladder. "The world is expanding everywhere around us. I'm going to heed what our Minister Mentor Lee said about globalisation." the Munnster was quoted as saying. "I've always believed from Day One that we (civil engineers) build bridges and we don't burn them. As such, we look ahead in building our own careers in our specialised fields. Only then we will be able to forge ahead in the industry, and our profession be more recognised by others around us."

On his feelings about leaving Maunsell, he had this to add,"I will leave with fond memories," Munnster said. "I've met a great bunch of colleagues who have become great friends in many ways. I may not have had the opportunity to work with most of my colleagues due to the nature of my work, but I've certainly learned alot from everyone. If there is one thing I will miss about Maunsell, it's gonna be the uniqueness of Culture at Maunsell. We have Filipinos, East and West Malaysians, Indians, Hong Kongers, and 'Ang Mos' amongst Singaporeans. There's so much to learn in terms of getting to know each other's cultures. It would be a waste if we all work alongside without understanding each other's culture."

Elaborating on some examples, the Munnster cited the wealth of information that came forward the time when he seeked help from the office's Hindu community. He also mentioned the cohesion and community spirit amongst the Filipino community. "Without their additional help, I don't know how the drafting pool can churn out drawings." The Munnster was also visibly moved when he talked about the close-knit Maunsell family, "I can count on most of them because I know my friends and colleagues have in-built qualities such as integrity and accountability. There's this x-factor that binds most people together here on the 3rd floor of the Concourse."

The Munnster was also full of praise for the opportunities he made while interacting with fellow colleagues from other AECOM offices such as EDAW, Maunsell Australia, and Maunsell Hong Kong. "I learned a great deal from the KPE Congestion Management project with Stephen and Dave from the Melbourne office. They not only taught me the technicalities of transport modelling, but I also picked up important Public Relation skills from them. Interaction with the Hong Kong and Melbourne offices have made me realise my potential in my chosen field of Transport Planning. I also have John Endicott to thank. He not only sponsored our triathlon team last year, but he has always been a source of great inspiration to me in achieving a work-life balance despite the rigours of work".

When asked if there was anyone in particular to mention, the Munnster had this to say,"There are so many friends I'd like to pay tribute to. I'd like to thank Irene for being there when I needed someone to exchange traffic-related matters; to Juvena for ardiously taking over the reins from me; to Dr Yong for holding the fort and being my confidant; to Daisy for reminding me that all things are possible; to Julie for being the steadfast godmother; to Chng Yih for being my training buddy; and to Priscilla for being so ever willing to assist in the nitty-gritty stuff. If I missed out anyone, that's because I have so many positive things to mention and it'll bore everyone if I go down the list of names. However, I'd like to specially give credit to Vincent for everything. For once, I will not joke about Vincent because he has a heart of gold and he's always willing to stand up for me. He is a true friend and I've never seen him let anyone down (except when he cursed me before my Port Dickson Triathlon race last year, but he quickly made it up by visiting me at the hospital in my worst state!)."

The reporter then asked if the Munnster had any final words to say. "Yes, I have. Let's all move on with our professional lives without compromising on our moments with our loved ones. Remember to keep healthy and work towards a work-life balance. It's no use if we keep working and miss out on the beautiful things around us. And finally, please save the trees and keep up the good work with regards to the cleanliness of the male toilet!"

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