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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrating the End of an Era

Monday 17 September 2007.

It was my last working day at MCS. It has been a wonderful 1 year 10 months at the Singapore office.

Professionally, I know I've brought exposure of MCS to many developers and architects; giving them the assurance of MCS' prowess in transport planning and traffic engineering. Alas, what they didn't know was the behind-the-scenes solo efforts in bringing glory to the consultancy firm. From marketing to business development; from tender stage to final report. The projects were completed, each with its own end-in-mind because of the uniqueness of place and problem. Such is the nature of the job scope.

And to think that most of them were done solo and without any help from the 'large family'.

There were times I thought of coming out and freelancing as an individual. After all, there were less than 10 of us in the entire Singapore context. I dismissed the constant thoughts because someone promised me that things would change. Someone promised that overseas opportunites would come our way.

But things remained status quo. Support was not provided, and internal strife was more prevalent. At least I remained professional in my field and in my thought process. I had to save the profession somehow, just so that due respect could be given to transport planning professionals. Expert views were given when they were sought, but undercutting was the name of the game and sustainability of the said industry was in question.

I had to think of ways to keep my passion and my profession alive.

The initial decision to leave was not easy. I made many friends at MCS and apart from gaining exposure for MCS in the transport planning industry, many colleagues have also been inspired to exercise and achieve their personal bests in the sporting arena.

I must clarify that the decision to leave was made much easier by someone whom I initially revered as 'respectable'. The past couple of weeks were a great disappointment and I'm gravely saddened by the lack of serious thought in keeping to certain promises.

Sometimes a Commander is the reason why major battles are lost. No matter how dedicated or brave his men are, a Commander will lead them to their deaths if he is not a respected leader.

Such was the basis of my disappointment. I am serious in my work and passionate to keep the company going. Alas things have gone spirally downward without the assurance of positive change.

Shape up or ship out: I decided to ship out.

Stayer or Quitter: I decided to Quit for the better; for the opportunity costs were too high if I chose to stay.

Only my fellow colleagues and friends have assured me that things would be brighter on the other side of the fence. They have brought me out for lunches and dinners. The filipino community even prepared my favourite filipino dishes. I'm grateful to the dedicated staff who have toiled and tolerated to keep the name of the company in good books.

If only the leaders realised it with good on-the-ground management.

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Wugui said...

hey munn, just saw this post...
i am glad you have shipped out from where you were unhappy. i hope you will sail out to the greater sea!