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Thursday, September 13, 2007


13 September 1998.

I was baptised at Wildcat Creek, Indiana during a weekend church retreat with GCF (Grace Campus Fellowship). It was a wonderful experience because Papa happened to be visiting me at Purdue enroute to Tulsa (I think - I can't really remember the city).

Everything fell into place during that weekend of renewal and rebirth.

Several months earlier, I seeked the advise of Elder Gary about getting baptised. He prepared me and then I decided to get baptised when the church was having a retreat.

Then I found out that Papa would be visiting and I was ecstatic.

It was even more special because Papa was the one who brought Fye and me to church when we were little. He brought us to Grace Independent Baptist Church along Upper Changi Road.

It felt then that I came full circle, and Papa was there to witness my baptism.

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