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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A certain 'somebody' visited the office yesterday. To say that I'm disappointed is just an understatement. If you ask me why, I'll just bring out the age-old rule of thumb that 'Leaders are only successful if they have the full respect of his subordinates; and Respect is earned'.

A leader is nobody if he doesn't make the effort to interact with his subordinates. Even George Bush pops into Iraq once in a while to chat with his troops. What is the use of being a leader if his subordinates don't recognise that attribute? A leader by name and title does not equate to a leader of all men.

What is the use of showing corporate videos when staff are not duly rewarded or praised for the combined efforts leading to the success of the company? What use is it just to show to a select few instead of the entire company?

You were here. You had the chance to introduce yourself to the new staff. But you chose not to present yourself as a leader.

He didn't impress me at all. Simple as that.

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