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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

you must be joking, joakim!

come on, singapore! it's time to be united so STOP VOTING JOAKIM AS YOUR FAVOURITE IDOL!

he's such an embarrassment to singing that i'm NOT embarrased to admit i'm watching the stupid show on the telly! the show's a quest to find the best singer, and not the cutest idiot! and our local teeny-boppers are a zit-popping, braces-cladded mass of mindless cuckoos to choose the boring, flat-toned joakim every single week!

face it, kids. if you are reading this, please do not shame yourself by not understanding what the singapore idol is all about. if there are teachers amongst my readers, please do your part to save the last hope for singapore's future music scene. please educate those brainless kids:

1. that each bloody call or sms is worth 60 cents! they can call or sms all they want but none of the money will go to making joakim any cuter. neither will he appreciate you 60 cents (or more) if he gets saved (or for that matter, get booted out!);

2. that singing is a talent, not a joke;

3. that music is beautiful, not the face that looks cute and/or dances like a court-jester;

4. that joakim is better off focusing on other talents (read: NOT singing), and kids should focus on other real singing talents.

it just goes to show how narrow-minded our kids are. it's such a shame because this is the only time to exercise their voting rights and they choose idiots/non-talented clowns to be their idol.

it is no wonder our government has no faith in the younger generation: what if they grow up and they vote for idiots to lead the country?

i will not be surprised. and i'm not joking.


s0ulsistaz said...

hey so agreeable with your thoughts.. especially those kids who go for cute looks...for goodness sake

D U said...

"it is no wonder our government has no faith in the younger generation: what if they grow up and they vote for idiots to lead the country?"

Too late. About 2/3 of our population are already leading by example.

I don't know much about sg idol though, but I've always had the suspicion that now, some of us look back at the oldies and revel in the fact that we've seen some really good music like Queen or Abba. The future generation are probably going to look at our current pop idols like Britney spears and say, "Our fathers adored this crap!?"

Then again, I may just be too optimistic

Belial said...

When can we reach the standard of the Americans. Whom will vote for real quality of the singers instead of looks. I don't think Singaporeans really go for the Kit Kat Advert. "You can't sing. You can't dance. You are ugly. But you have got future." I think this is wat is happening. All our Singapore Idols can't sing, can't dance and don't really look good.

Anonymous said...

maybe joakim IS cute. but hello! at least he tried for the audition in SI. besides. who are you to insult joakim's singing. see him sing during school's performances then say what singing is about! -.- gosh. i reckon joakim's way cooler than you are. he has a funny personality at least. JOAKIM ROCK ON!

Chelonia Munnster said...

dear anonymous,

okay, so joakim IS cute. So then join the SCI - Singapore Cute Idol. as far as i know, SI is about singing talent, and not about looks or how oh-so-cute one is. i'm sure 99% of the population would agree with me. I'm also pretty sure he is way cooler than most ppl, judging by the way he handled all the flak from the public (which incidentally has its roots from 'fans' like you). You must be young and innocent. I don't blame you. either that, or you have a very simplistic view of the real world. perhaps it is hard for you to fathom the simplest reasons for certain things that happen. one of which is the real meaning of SI.
finally, Grow Up will ya?