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Thursday, August 17, 2006

revealed: R18 (cabaret) rating

now 18 year olds are legally allowed to watch foreign 'artistic' tittie shows, thanks to MDA's new rating for them to patronise Crazy Horse (read: Crazy Horse business is dying, so the authorities need to find a way to 'save' Crazy Horse from the brink of extinction).

what interests me about the new rating is not so much about the rating in itself, but by the excuses the authorities churn out to justify themselves. the article claims that singapore is a very family-oriented destination for tourists and that the new ratings allow families with 18 year olds to visit Dying Horse (oops, I meant Crazy Horse).

thing is, i recall that the very purpose for the existence of crazy horse (and clarke quay for that matter) was to cater to the MICE crowd - yes, it was meant to be entertainment fodder for visitors coming into singapore for meetings, incentives, conferences, and events. i doubt a significant percentage of these visitors bring their entire families along. maybe their spouses, but not the kids as well. furthermore, what is the percentage of 'kids' beyond 18 years old tag along on holiday trips?

even if there are some 18 to 21 year olds who tag along, how significant would the increase in visitorship be, specifically those who visit crazy horse?

look, i am perturbed by these justifications. i know the authorities are desperate to make this crazy horse work. after all, it took them months and months and tons and tons of cutting red tape to bring in this show. how could they afford to lose face, right? i just find their justifications stupid, because they make us singaporeans stupid enough to believe them.

i'm calling their bluff. they are targetting the ns boys. crazy horse is losing money to the no-holds-barred ktv lounges.

i'd say the next thing on the cards will be discounted fares for servicemen and they'll be promoting the place for army unit social nights.

it makes perfect business sense. if only the authorities would be more straightforward and transparent in the first place. quit the excuses lah...


boon said...

I think NS boys is an "OK but not fantastic" market to target. Crazy Horse is expensive, the boys could get more action at KTV for that kind of money.

What is more important for Eng Wah is to promote and advertise it aggressively (perhaps with funding from STB), and whip up some demand.

Anonymous said...

Well, MM Lee just gave the green light for more strip shows in Singapore - so that we can be the Paris Of The East.


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