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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

revealed: x(ray) files

pre-surgery (23 july 2006)

exhibit 1: left forearm and hand; this is not the elbow

exhibit 2: view of the mid sections of the left ulnar and radius bones

exhibit 3: view of the broken ulnar head (bottom right of pic) near the wrist bones

post surgery review (22 aug 2006)

exhibit 4: view of screws and plates at the mid ulnar and radius, and k-wires at the ulnar head (notice the gaps between the broken bones)

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BlackMamba said...


Wat the heck happened to you. I hope you are doing well man. Speedy recovery and please keep your spirits high. Write me an email when you got time:


Lim Chun Piow said...

Ah peh, si mi lan? What the hell happened to you?